Guides about Maserati Biturbo

Guides about Maserati Biturbo Acquired in 2003. We can say without a motor, there were not enough spare parts. Body in good condition. For 3 years there have been attempts to get original spare parts somewhere, proposals […]

Bmw 545 tips

The car stood for a very long time, judging by the accumulated foliage in all joints, rotten, but relatively clean cabin filters and this confirmed the mileage. What is most surprising, it did not affect the dynamics. […]

Guidelines about ATV 125 As for…

The battery needs to be recharged every other day, approx. more The shock absorbers are hard, you need to change them. Guidelines about ATV 125 As for myself, the ATV is normal, but the passenger is […]

Guidelines about GAZ 2310 Sobol

Guidelines about GAZ 2310 Sobol Comfort in the cabin when the car is not moving is excellent, but on the track, when there are potholes and other obstacles, you feel every little thing. A weak engine for […]

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